Monetize – Blog Movement to Blogger

August 29, 2012 Comments off

Since I’ll be starting to monetize my youtube, I might as well use the AdSense on Blogger. I think I’ll be moving my blog from here to the blogger. So find my new updates over here:

I will continue to blog as I did in here, so mostly gaming and Japanese stuffs. See ya there. I’m gonna start customizing the blog.

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Expert bots pwnd me! – Counter Strike Global Offensive – Arms Race – Shoots

August 29, 2012 1 comment

Another gameplay commentary by me. This time I’m playing Arms Race in the other map called Shoots and I’m trying the expert bots to see how hard it is compared to the hard bot, because the hard bot wasn’t that hard for me.

Enjoy lots of me failing with the sniper rifle and dominated by the bots XD

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I’m looking for more people to play on Steam. Japanese/English/Indonesian speaking people are welcome! Find me on steam:

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Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Map – Drop Dead Gorges Ver.2 1st Chapter (Gameplay Comment)

August 29, 2012 Comments off

This is Left 4 Dead 2 on custom map, Drop Dead Gorges Ver.2 1st chapter only.
You can find the map here:

The video was made with 2 of my friends from Indonesia, so all the talk that we did were in Indonesian. So unless you speak Indonesian, then you won’t understand anything we said :p

And man, this map is hugeeeeee and confusing! But a lot of fun! Killing zombies is always fun lol

I’m looking for more people to play on Steam. Japanese/English/Indonesian speaking people are welcome! Find me on steam:

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PS Vita is now compatible with Game Archives (not all of them)

August 28, 2012 Comments off

Been playing a lot of PC games lately and I forgot about PS Vita. I was about to touch it again when Project Diva f is released at the end of this month. And what do you know, PS Vita is now compatible with game archive. Now you can play all (well, not all maybe, they say it’s about 600 titles and more are now compatible) in your tiny Vita. Yes, Vita is tiny, I still hate you 3DS XL or LL or whatever!

Yay for classic games on Vita

You need to update your PS Vita firmware to 1.80 first before using this feature. Don’t know how to update your Vita? (really?) Then click here! Oh, I didn’t check if this is also available for the US/Asia region because I can’t check that with my Vita, so anyone with info, let me know.

And to find out if your game is supported or not, click here!

Now, on to play Justice Gakuen on my Vita!

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Counter Strike Global Offensive – Arms Race Gameplay

August 27, 2012 Comments off

So rather than posting another rant about AKB48 (believe me, I have a lot of rants today) I decided to make another gameplay video. This time is from the latest Counter Strike series, Global Offensive. Most of my comments are in the video, so enjoy!

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I’m done with AKB48 (not with SKE48)

August 24, 2012 1 comment

Looking at the news today, a lot of reshuffle has gone inside AKB48 as a whole group. 2 members from AKB48 are going to JKT and another 2 are going to the new Shanghai48. And not to mention, SKE48 also lose one person from team KII which is Ishida Anna. I like that kid, well not as an oshimen, but her catchphrase is something I like to use myself (Ii desu iidesu iidesu yo!). I keep asking myself,”Why the hell did Aki-p decided to do this kind of thing?” and I still can’t find the answer. I mean, other than chaos, I can’t think of any other reason.

So why Aki-p? In the beginning there was 3 teams with 16 people each, hence the 48. Then you put up team 4 with another 16 people, so poof gone the 48. I know, the 48 wasn’t meant to be 16×3 from the beginning anyway, it was something that just happen and fit to the number. I can dig that, putting up team 4 because you had a lot of kenkyuusei, new people are trying to join the group. So why now, are you putting up your best people into another country? And why don’t you put your kenyuusei into use?

It was also said that AKB was a group idol with a concept,”Idol you can meet”, but now the Japanese people can’t even see their oshimen because they are in another country? And quoting something from my tweeter feed,”You need a passport too”.

I already hated AKB48 when the fact that we can’t meet our idol anymore. Tickets are hard (I had a year of hashira no kai, the AKB fan club, but I only got a ticket twice, and it wasn’t for the theater, something I enjoy more) but now this? Sending members away? What kind of drugs are you on? What are you thinking???

I said you need to make something new and stop with the election and jyanken every year…but this is not that something new I was talking about. This is a disaster! No more Idols you can meet, no more 48 members with 3 teams, no more Sae, Akichan…wait, Akichan? So what happens to French Kiss? omg…I don’t know anything anymore….

That’s it…I’m done with AKB48. I’m not done with SKE48 though, I love them, and I always do. They are great and much better than AKB48. That is why I have a demand:

“Give us back Ishida Anna! You can take your Kitarie back, we don’t need her!”

PS: I also really hate the fact that Maeda Atsuko got super special treatment because of her graduation. A parade, a special TV show, and more. F-U! In fact, I’ve been thinking…maybe she was graduated so she can get away from this reshuffling thing.


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With Family

August 17, 2012 1 comment

It’s been quite a while since I have a holiday, not to mention since I last meet my family. The last time I went home was Feb 2010, so more than 2 years ago. This year, my family comes to visit me (and my younger brother). I’m still a bit busy with research and part time job, so my younger brother is the one who mostly take them out for a walk in Japan.

Dad, Mom and Grandmother

My grandmother is a very good cooker. She made me an Indonesian snacks called “Pisang Molen” which is a kind of a banana snacks. It’s super delicious! And I haven’t ate this in 2 years XD She brought me 2 big boxes of this 😀

The inside of Pisang Molen

I haven’t went with them a lot, but yesterday we went to Tokyo Tower together. I was a bit hesitant to climb it using the stairs, because I still have to pay the same price as if I use the elevator. The only difference you’ll get is the certificate, a proof you have climb it using the stairs. After a bit thinking… I climb using using the stairs XD It was about 600 step of stairs to 150 m of the Tokyo tower. It was a problem for me about more than halfway up, because I have altophobia (fear of heights) 😀


500 steps! Just a little more!


My certificate!

Anyway, here are 2 pictures I took from the 150m Tokyo tower.

From Tokyo Tower 150m – 1

From Tokyo Tower 150m – 2

And this is a keychain that you can customize. I put my two nickname inside 😀

The custom-able Tokyo Tower medal

And starting from today, I’ll be in Hokkaido! Actually,  I’m writing this from Sapporo 😀 I arrived a bit late, so I only got out to eat Ramen for dinner and now everyone is back in their room to take a rest after a long journey with the train.

Miso Ramen

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be going around Hokkaido! 😀 See ya!